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Since September 2014, Fiji Govt has announced that it will pay tuition only fees for all students in secondary schools (Forms 5,6, & 7). This does not include school bags, writing books, uniforms, bus fares, excursions, etc. 

Their program also includes offering loans to students in Vocational Training and in FNU Diploma Level.  Some students, who are very poor, do not qualify for this loan.

Consequently, ICFI will be directing its funds raised to these students only. 

ICFI's major annual fundraising, the "Girmit Night" in May of each year  will now be held in a different format in Brisbane. 

We request our regular donors to still donate to ICFI by contacting any of the following:

Dr Krishna Prasad 07 3264 2211
Surome Singh 07 3266 1933
Rajen Prakash 0402 436 243
Sarat Maharaj   0407 111 709

e-mail Sarat Maharaj on regmaharaj@gmail.com for details.
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